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Business Valuation and Good Judgment

Valuations require judgment. They are not primarily a technical exercise. The parties effected by a valuation, whether they be a buyer, seller, a judge, or lawyer, should take the time to become assured that sound judgment is applied to arrive at the conclusion of value. Sentient Partners is often retained to estimate the fair value […]

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Know Your Valuation Standards

There are all types of scenarios where people want or need to know what something is worth, i.e. the value. This valuation question arises in the world of business as well as the personal lives of individuals. This brief is an attempt to clarify certain pragmatic aspects of Valuation theory. All fields of human endeavor […]

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The Fog of Physician Practice Acquisitions

Ever since the mid-sixties when the grand plan for health care delivery began, health care consumption in the United States has accelerated. Hospitals sprang up on every street corner. Employer based (mandated) health care “insurance” accelerated this distortion and further detached the consumer of health care from the cost of health care. Free market forces […]

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