• Business Enterprise Valuations: our vast experience in multiple industries gives us unmatched business insight and technical expertise when helping you determine your company’s valuation.
  • Gift & Estate Tax: if you are fortunate enough to pass assets on during your lifetime, your gifts may be subject to federal tax regulations that require a valuation. Our guidance will also help you optimize your estate assets and adhere to applicable state and federal regulation.
  • Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP): An ESOP can be a great way to incentivize and motivate employees, and also maintain a strong organization. ESOPs routinely require valuations and we can manage this process for you in accordance with department of labor and IRS guidelines.

Organizational Transition

  • Purchase and Sale Negotiation: we have been involved with the purchase and sale of numerous privately held entities. We have launched and operated multiple businesses in the past, and we understand what a buyer or seller expects to get from the transaction. Our insight allows us to optimize the economic impact for our clients.
  • Restructuring, Turnaround, and Interim Leadership: we have dealt with complex business scenarios in multiple industries when difficult but necessary decisions have had to be made. We develop and implement new strategies with your management team to ensure long-term success.

Legal Services

  • Expert Witness: expert witnesses must not only have sound judgment and great technical expertise, but they must be able to withstand the pressures of legal proceedings and hold up under cross-examination. Our courtroom-tested advisors will give the expert testimony needed to make a strong impression on all decision makers involved.
  • Litigation Consultation: our experts draw on knowledge gained from decades of experience, and we leverage refined instincts as business leaders and valuators to guide an effective conclusion in your proceedings.
  • Receivership: we may run an organization under receivership, and we will optimize the assets that have been entrusted to us. Our goal is to deliver services that can bring your company out of receivership and to deliver it to the next leadership team in the best condition possible.
  • Valuations: we are trusted providers of valuation advice, and have offered our expertise to many clients, helping them with issues including: buying companies, selling companies, or valuing shared entities that are often a key component of a legal proceeding. (e.g., divorce, bankruptcy, partnership, etc.).