Performing a valuation is a complex process that requires informed judgment. This is true for the valuation of a business or any asset. It requires significant and unique financial analysis skills and a refined understanding of how business works. This knowledge is available only through having experienced the key strategic moments that exist in growing a business. Certain valuations in highly regulated industries are even more demanding, requiring insight that is unique to that industry, such as health care and post-secondary education. This real life exposure needs to be combined with perpetual technical training, as standards and technique are always evolving. This culminates into a single pervasive requirement: judgment.

At Sentient we have developed sound judgment over decades of exposure on the front lines of decision making. We have a rare combination of experience and technical talents.   When valuing a business as a going concern, we know what it takes to drive the growth of a business and the associated risks, whether the business is going to continue to be a free standing entity or attain the synergies through combining operations with another business.

Sentient Partners provides our clients with the full scope of comprehensive valuation services. Our services meet and exceed all of the relevant IRS, FASB, GAAP, and NACVA standards and protocols. Our accredited business valuation experts have highly specialized industry expertise, and apply their operational and technical insight to sectors as diverse as health care, life sciences, post-secondary education, high tech, financial services, manufacturing, real estate, and many others. We understand that a sound valuation of a small business can be the key component to raising capital or completing a strategic transaction. As one of the top business valuation firms in the Northeast United States, the Sentient approach and judgment is proven and trusted in all the following valuation disciplines:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions & Divestures
  • Shareholders Interest
  • Partnership Interest
  • Stock Options (ESOPs/409a)
  • Estate, Gift, & Income Tax
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Litigations
  • Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805)
  • Fair Value Assessment (ASC 820)
  • Goodwill & Intangible Asset Impairment (ASC350)