“Phil has demonstrated a remarkable understanding of the link between complicated financial management and the underlying operational process which achieve positive economic results. His awareness of the necessity for financial executives to provide strategic leadership for a changing health care organization is an extraordinarily valuable skill based on years of experience and considerable industry knowledge.”

Doug McKell
Healthcare Executive

“Phil Harker has been the catalyst that has pulled our organization through some very difficult times in Post Secondary Education. His knowledge, connections, and expertise in handling financial partners takes the worry out of many tough situations. He has an extremely broad and practical knowledge of finance and what it takes to be successful. He has been instrumental in valuing and negotiating the change of ownership at NECI. I have welcomed working with him every day.”

Richard Flies
President/Chairman Of The Board
New England Culinary Institute

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. Harker during a very complicated and stressful litigation. His extensive knowledge of the health care environment as well as his quiet professionalism served both parties well during this trying time. Not once did Mr. Harker faulter in his approach to the case and I would not hesitate to contact him in the future.”

Dr. Rachid Och, MD
Island Counseling